5 Self-Care Resolutions to Keep in 2021

Make some self-care resolutions in 2021

5 Self-Care Resolutions to Keep in 2021

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The start of a new year is a time to reset. With 2020 finally in the rearview mirror and the holidays behind us, take some time to rethink traditional New Year’s resolutions and make self-care a priority.

Instead of focusing on the usual resolutions like losing weight, quitting smoking or joining a gym — all good goals to be sure — consider resolutions that are more holistic and healing, especially in light of the year we just endured. Contrary to what you might think, taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s actually a way of giving ourselves a measure of the grace, caring and compassion we routinely give to others.

What is self-care anyway?

Simply put, it is the discipline of taking care of yourself. It includes your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The benefits of self-care include better relationships, increased creativity, a positive outlook and more resiliency.

Here are a few of our suggestions for 2021

  1. Practice gratitude. To be sure, many are feeling grateful that 2020 has finally ended, but the true practice of gratitude is more than just a feeling of relief. It really is an attitude. Even on our worst days, there are things to be grateful for: friends, work, sunshine, coffee. Gratitude journals can help us remember our blessings on especially hard days. At Iron Mountain Hot Springs we are grateful for all of our guests who continue to support us, our wonderful employees and the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature that surrounds us.
  2. Relaxing at Iron Mountain Hot Springs in winterMake time for family and friends. Not everyone was able to visit and spend time with their friends and family over the holidays. Indeed, many of us have lost loved ones. Strengthening, deepening and connecting with the people in our lives is essential, and something we can no longer take for granted. Go ahead and connect even if it’s is “only” over a Zoom call or via FaceTime, and make those long-overdue phone calls to friends and family. You’ll be glad you did. For those comfortable with getting out of the house for a little R&R, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is open for soaking with COVID guidelines in place.
  3. Awaken your spirit. Whether you attend formal religious services or prefer a walk in nature to replenish your soul, find a way to nourish your spirit on a regular basis. Attending to our spiritual health can help us achieve a higher degree of well-being overall. Some practices include prayer, meditation and gratitude journaling. In fact, we have several guests who practice mindfulness while soaking in the geothermal pools.
  4. Make wellness a priority. Self-care is a discipline. The more you practice it, the more routine and natural it becomes. Try to incorporate wellness activities into every single day. Simple ideas include drinking more water, eating whole foods, getting some fresh air, reading something uplifting and phoning your favorite people. Other ways to engage in wellness include supporting local businesses, volunteering for a good cause and planning a vacation.
  5. Sleep well. In a world with an endless news cycle and no boundaries between work, school and home life, powering down at the end of the day can be a near-impossible task. Yet, sleep is essential to self-care and well-being. A good 7 hours is recommended, but most people don’t even come close to getting that much shut-eye. To foster a restful sleep, keep your bedroom cool, shut off electronics and definitely don’t surf the news or check email before bed. If you have a hot tub, a soak can help send you off to dreamland. If you’re in Glenwood Springs, the soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs will also do the trick.

Taking care of yourself is an essential step in enhancing your sense of well-being. With these self-care resolutions, whatever comes down the pike, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier new year!

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