Booze News: Be Informed

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Booze News: Be Informed

Iron Mountain Hot Springs invites 21+ guests to enjoy an adult beverage, but the privilege comes with responsibility. To have a great time, learn more about our alcohol policy.

Relax and soak with your favorite beverage.

There is something wonderfully relaxing about sitting in an Iron Mountain Hot Springs soaking pool and sipping a glass of wine at sunset or enjoying a cold beer on a hot summer day. We are pleased to offer visitors the option of imbibing while soaking. We’ve stocked the Sopris Café and the Sand Bar, our drink and concession stand, with an assortment of options.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers a variety of drink choices.

You can count on a solid selection of draft, craft and seasonal beers, including some local brews. Our wine and mixed drinks are single servings in pool-friendly (non-glass) packaging. Wines are from makers like Decadent Saint Sangria, Woodbridge, Freixenet Cava, Underwood, Canterris (from Palisade, Colo.), Social and Nano. Pre-mixed cocktails include Cuervo-based drinks, Moscow Mules, Malibus, spiked selzers, Jim Beam drinks, Long Island Iced Teas, Pina Coladas, Mudslides, Bloody Marys and G&Ts.


Rule No. 1: Guests may not bring alcohol into Iron Mountain Hot Springs. It is illegal.

The undiluted details: 

  • Water bottles are permitted. We want you to be hydrated and stay that way for the duration of your visit to Iron Mountain Hot Springs which is why we allow you to bring in water bottles. We have water bottle filling stations in the bathhouse to make staying refreshed easy and free.
  • The sniff test. While we know you wouldn’t try to slip illicit booze onto the property, some of our past guests have. To sort out the sneaky, when you arrive, we’ll ask to take a look in your bag and for you to open your water bottle so we can get a whiff of what’s in there.
  • Enjoy responsibly.  Have a drink, but don’t go overboard. Remember the hot water also works to relax your body and mind. If consuming alcohol, be respectful of your fellow pool-goers. For anyone wondering, drunken behavior is not tolerated and could result in a guest being asked to leave (without a refund).

Being informed lets you make wise choices and avoid unforeseen hassles. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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