The Pools

Mineral Hot Springs Soaking Pools

The Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers 16 natural geothermal springs filled with pure, hot mineral water and a freshwater family pool with a jetted spa. All are located alongside the Colorado River, with Rocky Mountain views.

At the WorldSprings pools, guests 21 and over can enjoy 11 inspired pools from the most famous hot springs on the planet, one freshwater pool with waterfalls, one inspired pool by The Dead Sea with waterfalls, and a cold plunge pool, all along the Colorado River. 

The Pools

Sixteen smaller, naturally shaped pools are filled with thermal mineral waters that range in temperature from 98 to 108°F. The water goes through a sand-based filtration system before it’s pumped into the pools; because the water circulates continuously, it is completely refreshed every two hours. A quiet zone surrounds the soaking pools, allowing guests to relax peacefully. Each pool is different, with varying sizes, temperatures, and heights; two pools have smooth stones on the bottom to massage aching feet.

The new WorldSprings pools feature 11 mineral hot springs pools inspired by hot springs from around the world – from Iceland, France, Japan, Turkey, Romania, Italy, South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Bali and The Dead Sea– with specific health benefits from each soak. And 10 of these pools include pebble bottoms to massage your feet while soaking. 

The views vary from pool to pool, including the Colorado River as it winds through the valley, Iron Mountain, Red Mountain, the Flat Tops, and the twin peaks of majestic Mt. Sopris to the south.

Freshwater Family Pool and Whirlpool Spa

The family pool is filled with fresh water heated to approximately 93°F by the geothermal exchange. A smaller, elevated jetted spa rests on the edge of the family pool with a soaking temperature of around 103°F. Parents can enjoy the hotter water while supervising their children below, with the calming sounds of a waterfall in the background as water cascades from the upper to the lower section.

For those looking to cool off in an adult-only setting, WorldSprings includes one freshwater cold plunge pool and two freshwater pools with waterfalls.

ADA Accessibility

Ensuring that the therapeutic waters are accessible to everyone is a priority at the Iron Mountain Hot Springs. A gently curving ramp with a handrail provides a gradual entrance into the family pool for those in wheelchairs or anyone who prefers to avoid steps. Two soaking pools have transfer walls and grab bars that allow a person to leave a mobility device and transfer onto the wall and into the water. An aquatic wheelchair is available upon request.

For current access to WorldSprings, mobility access is limited temporarily while a new locker building is under construction. Once the new locker building is complete, ADA access will be located near the Summit Station on the general access property. Guests with mobility issues may request on-site transportation via our ADA Golf Cart. 

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