Mindfulness: Say Yes to Less Stress

hot zen rocks. Start your year off right with wellness practices that include Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Mindfulness: Say Yes to Less Stress

Reap the benefits of hot springs soaking and meditation with a mindfulness practice at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, but some locations, like Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado are especially conducive to focused meditation. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned practitioner, mindfulness has extraordinary benefits. When you add the soothing, relaxing qualities that come with geothermal soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, you can practically feel the stress floating away like morning steam rising from the nearby Colorado River.

What is Mindfulness?

Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment. As simple as it sounds, for most people it takes a bit of practice.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be accomplished anywhere, at any time, doing any activity. You can practice it while driving, enjoying a meal or working. Use it to stay calm, centered and grounded; to eliminate a bad habit or create a new one; to help make important life decisions and focus on what’s important. Mindfulness has many benefits some of which include:

·      Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the ideal place to practice mindfulness Fostering a sense of connectedness with others, nature and a higher power

·         Aiding the immune system by lowering blood pressure, reducing heart rate and improving sleep patterns

·         Boosting creativity centers in the brain

·         Increasing energy and promoting a positive outlook

·         Strengthening brain connections by building new neural pathways

·         Helping the mind focus by improving awareness, concentration and cognitive flexibility

·         Improving positive qualities such as self-acceptance and resilience

·         Relieving stress by reducing worry and anxiety

Perfect Conditions: How Soaking Enhances Mindfulness

Soaking in geothermal water is a proven way to de-stress and relax. The mineral-rich hot water naturally eases tense muscles causing the body to physically relax almost instantaneously, ideal conditions to begin a mindfulness practice session. When your body is at ease, it follows that your mind is also.


 Iron Mountain Hot Springs has 16 individual geothermal soaking pools, each one a different size and temperature. For your practice, select one that feels comfortable—not overly hot or cool. Temperatures range from 98°F to 108°F, so there are plenty of options from which to choose.


 The time of day for your soaking meditation is also an important factor to consider. Mornings time slots beginning at 9 a.m. and tend to draw fewer people; they are generally quieter and calmer than evening and weekend soaking times.


 Once immersed, begin your practice by closing your eyes and breathing deeply. You’ll become aware of many things: the feel of the water on your body, the soothing sounds of spa music, the smell of the mineral-rich hot spring vapors, a gentle breeze coming off the river, the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin. Mindfulness is all about paying attention.


Mindfulness is Not Without Challenges

Regular practitioners are well-acquainted with Monkey Mind—a mental state characterized by distraction during meditation. When this happens, consider it an opportunity to build your mindfulness muscles. Let wandering thoughts pass without judging them and bring your attention back to the present moment by refocusing on your breath, your senses and surroundings. This is easier to do in a peaceful, natural setting like Iron Mountain Hot Springs than in say a traffic jam or in the midst of a work crisis.


Make Time to Practice

There’s no better time to begin than the present moment. Get started or continue your mindfulness journey at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Reserve your soaking time slot today and get ready to relax, rejuvenate and restore both body and mind.

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