New Filtration System Delivers Pure Water for Pure Relaxation

New fiberglass tanks arriving at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

New Filtration System Delivers Pure Water for Pure Relaxation

A new water filtration system at Iron Mountain Hot Springs ensures guests have the ultimate soaking experience in mineral water that’s clear, clean and chlorine-free.

Filtration tanks being unloaded and placedIron Mountain Hot Springs’ new filtration system gives visitors the rare opportunity to relax in water that is 100 percent pure. The 16 soaking pools contain only natural mineral water direct from the spring source with no chemicals added. But choosing the right system was a months-long process for the Colorado hot springs destination. Last November, Iron Mountain started experimenting with various kinds of filters, eliminating many, before ultimately settling on a sand filtration system. “We take great pride in the purity our pools, and with this new system we can offer our guests an even better experience than before — crystal clear healing waters,” said Mike Besaw, general manager for Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

The new system filters out a form of algae that thrives in the springs’ hot temperatures. Even though the algae are benign and are in fact beneficial for dermatological maladies, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch, visitors are accustomed to pools with no discernible particles. “By removing the natural algae, we are able to present a product that is visually pleasing to our visitors,” said Besaw.

So how does it work? The mineral water is collected from the property’s three springs: Gamba, Hobo and CDoT; water temperatures from the springs range from 101°F to 109°F. The spring water is then pumped into two custom-built, mineral-resistant fiber glass tanks and separated according to temperature – one for warmer water and one for cooler water. From the tanks, the water is forced, or pumped, through two sand filters which act as natural sponges for absorbing any organic material and prevent it from entering the pools. Though there’s a lot of complicated plumbing involved, a sand filter is a simple solution that’s also a highly effective one.

In addition to the filtration system, each of Iron Mountain’s 16 soaking pools is filled and discharged independently, with the water completely changing over every two hours. The filtering combined with the flushing at regular intervals keeps the water clean naturally, eliminating the need to add the chemical chlorine.

Now that you know what’s in the water, and what’s not; experience the pure joy of a 100 percent pure soaking experience at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Learn more at

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