Our Water: Always Pure & Chemical-Free

The geothermal water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs is chemical-free and 100% pure

Our Water: Always Pure & Chemical-Free

The water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs is special, even among hot springs. Our chemical-free, 100% pure geothermal water comes directly from Mother Nature. For the ultimate in health benefits, learn the difference soaking in unadulterated, chemical-free hot springs water can make.

Iron Mountain Hot SpringsSoaking in chemical-free, 100 percent pure geothermal water is deeply relaxing is unique among commercial hot spring venues. Our water, sourced from springs deep within the earth, is 100% pure and always chemical-free. We never contaminate it with harsh chemicals like chlorine which can detract from the wellness benefits of soaking in geothermal water.

In the world of swimming pools, even the hot spring variety, it’s common practice to add chemical additives like chlorine to the water. In some respects, it makes sense. Chlorine is a highly effective disinfectant in wiping out water-borne bacteria, but the chemical also has a plethora of side effects for pool-goers.

Negative Side Effects of Chlorine

According to, chlorine gas ranks among the top 10 most common chemicals produced in the United States. Utilized during World War I as a chemical weapon, today its uses include disinfecting everything from tap water to industrial waste and sewage. In swimming pools, chlorine kills potentially hazardous bacteria, but it also adversely affects some swimmers. Chlorine can cause an array of unwanted side effects including skin irritation, watery eyes, coughing, sore throat and prolonged exposure can lead to “swimmer’s asthma” and other respiratory illnesses.

Relax and Breath Easy in Chemical-Free Soaking Pools

Enjoy the benefits of a pure hot springs soak, no chemicals addedKeeping our pools clean and pristine is no less a priority at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, you can read all about our extensive methods for pool sanitization here, but the reason we don’t need to use chlorine was baked into the design right from the beginning. Instead of one or two large pools, containing thousands or millions of gallons of water, our property features a configuration of 16 smaller soaking pools. The water in each of them is completely refreshed and renewed with 100% pure geothermal water every two hours, a standard that exceeds the State of Colorado’s requirements for water quality and enables us to forego adding chemicals to our soaking pools.

Minerals Only in Our Pure Geothermal Water

Immersion in geothermal waters has been an age-old source of healing. When our ancestors “took the waters” for their ailments, they certainly weren’t soaking in a chemical-infused concoction, but rather in waters perfected by Mother Nature over time. In our modern age, you can still experience the same holistic, therapeutic benefits. Iron Mountain Hot Springs’ water contains 14 naturally-occurring dissolved minerals—boron, calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, lithium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphate, silica, sodium, sulfate and zinc—each one with health-boosting attributes. In addition to the mineral composition, the hot water works wonders on sore muscles, sports injuries, as well as mental and physical stress. The pools range in temperature from 98˚ to 108˚F, and with 16 to choose from, you’re certain to find the one that feels just right!

When you have a choice, chemical-free is the way to go. Learn more and plan to soak in the 100% pure waters at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

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