Soak Up Spring Break in Glenwood Springs

Soak Up Spring Break in Glenwood Springs

When it comes to planning a spring break that’s both relaxing and rejuvenating, begin by putting Iron Mountain Hot Springs at the top of your list. Then, add activities to suit your personality and schedule. The result: a spring break getaway the whole family will want to dive into!

Spring break in Colorado is the best, especially when you visit Glenwood Springs, home to Iron Mountain Hot Springs and a plethora of warm weather things to do. Where else can you wander around outside in a swimsuit and make turns at the local ski resort all in the same day?

Knowing how to navigate this popular time of year can help make your spring break an all-around winner with every member of your crew.

Best Spring Break at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

After a long winter and two years of pandemic protocols, it’s no wonder the season’s glorious weather is beckoning nearly everyone from moms and pops to teens and tots, to get outdoors, bask in the sunshine, breathe easier and relax for a change.

There’s no better place to do all these things than at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. However, plenty of folks have the same idea. If visiting at Iron Mountain is on your spring break agenda, we offer these recommendations to help you soak in the minerals and the good vibes.

  • Make the most of your spring break at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsBook Early. Make reservations for your 2-1/2-hour soaking window well in advance of your arrival. Spring break is a popular time at Iron Mountain Hot Springs so plan on booking early.
  • Pool Rules. We don’t allow outside food or beverages on the premises, but please bring an empty water bottle that you can refill with ice-cold water at our hydration stations.
  • Dressing Room Smarts. Locker rooms can get busy, especially at soaking window transition times. Maximize your time in the water by coming pool ready; at departure time, extend pool time by opting to shower back at your hotel.
  • Imbibe Responsibly. Spring break is a time to celebrate and let loose. Adult beverages—beer, wine and cocktails—are available in the Sopris Café. Remember though that our hot springs lower your tolerance for alcohol, so be smart and limit yourself to a couple of drinks per visit and supplement by downing plenty of water as well.
  • Be Friendly. The 16 soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs are not private. In fact, they are meant to be enjoyed with others. Iron Mountain is an international destination, on your visit be prepared to meet and interact with other guests from all over the world!

Planning Pro Tip: Spring break is a very popular time to visit Glenwood Springs too. The town truly has it all—hot springs, recreational activities and an abundance of lodging. Where and whenever possible, make reservations well in advance of your arrival. Doing so will ensure you’ll get to do everything you wanted on your Colorado spring vacation.

Best Spring Break in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is adept at bridging two seasons seamlessly. In addition to your time soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, get busy enjoying everything else the town has to offer.

  • For post soaking laughs, attend a Glenwood Vaudeville Revue showGo skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling at Sunlight Mountain Resort. In March, spring skiing is at its best. The bold can kick it old school by skiing in a t-shirt and shorts on the warmest spring days!
  • For another mountain-top experience, make plans to visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Beginning on March 11, the park is back to operating 7 days a week, with more rides and attractions becoming available as the weather warms up. Keep an eye on ride status here.
  • Hiking is a year-round activity. Some trails may still be snow-covered. If so, grab your Yaktrax and a pair of hiking poles for stability, or take a walk on paved trails around town that are clear of snow.
  • For a rib-splitting good time, attend the spring comedy show at Glenwood Vaudeville Revue, a hilarious 2-hour, family-friendly variety show guaranteed to have you in stitches beginning, middle to end!

For the best spring break vacation, plan ahead now! Learn more and make your reservations to soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs today.

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