What’s New at IMHS Since Opening in 2015

Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Bathhouse at Sunset

What’s New at IMHS Since Opening in 2015

On July 17, Iron Mountain Hot Springs will celebrate its second anniversary. In the two short years since opening, Colorado’s newest hot springs has undergone a whole range of changes – everything from major construction expansions and behind-the-scenes improvements to beautification projects.

The Rejuvenation Station, Iron Mountain Hot Springs' new outdoor shower featureOver the course of a couple years, some changes have come naturally. The landscaping has grown and matured; established trees, thick shrubbery and lush lawns have replaced barren ground. New planters brimming with colorful flowers adorn pathways all around the 16 soaking pools and family pool.

Other changes have necessitated careful planning and implementation. Due to booming business and guest feedback, both the men’s and women’s locker rooms in the bathhouse were renovated to double their size. The expansion included additional seating, added lockers, and more elbow room for changing.

The past two years have seen major upgrades, renovations, and innovations that include:

  • Men’s and women’s locker room facilities expansion (May 2016)
  • Addition of the Sand Bar refreshment stand (July 2016)
  • Welcoming new entryway completed (Nov. 2016)
  • Custom made wrought-iron handrails installed throughout the pool and patio area (Spring 2017)
  • New waterfall feature and corrugated steel “mountains” provide a sense of arrival (April 2017)
  • New “Rejuvenation Station” outdoor cooling showers built (May 2017)
  • Al-fresco massages back for second summer season from noon to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (June 2017)
  • Landscaping and beautification projects (ongoing)
  • Annual passes available for purchase for frequent visitors
  • New webcam installed (July 2017)
  • New water filtration system installed and operational. (July 2017)


We are super excited about this last, most recent upgrade – our new water filtration system. Since opening day our guests have always soaked in 100 percent pure mineral water, with no chemicals or chlorine added. Our new filtration system will allow us to filter out naturally-occurring algae which “bloom” in the sunlight. Though the algae are a beneficial skin moisturizer, by removing the “white floaties,” as they are commonly called, we can now offer guests a visually pleasing soaking experience as well.

To celebrate its second anniversary, Iron Mountain Hot Springs will be selling ice cream cones for the sweet price of just one buck on Sunday, July 16, which coincides with National Ice Cream Day and Monday, July 17, our official anniversary date.

As for what’s next for Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Things we’re pondering include the possibility of adding lodging, a spa, more soaking pools, a Kneipp therapeutic walking pool and a drinking spring. Stay tuned.

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