Soaking It In: Health Benefits of Mineral Water

woman floating in infinity pool at iron mountain hot springs

Soaking It In: Health Benefits of Mineral Water

The soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs are filled with pure mineral water sourced from deep within the earth. The naturally heated water helps you to relax, but aside from feeling fabulous, mineral springs also have an abundance of wellness benefits.

Safe & Simple

With few exceptions, soaking is a safe and simple activity that can boost health naturally. Generally, hot spring soaking is not recommended for pregnant women, those with serious heart conditions and very young children. Whether they know about the perks of soaking or not, most people can benefit from spending some time immersed in geothermal water courtesy of Mother Nature.

Mineral water is a natural therapueticPain Relief

Hot springs soaking is a naturally relaxing activity that helps alleviate pain, especially muscle aches and soreness. This quality alone is one reason Iron Mountain Hot Springs is Glenwood’s go-to après sport hot spot. Those who experience more severe forms of chronic pain from ailments like arthritis and fibromyalgia can also find profound relief from the waters.

Natural Skin Care

After soaking, many people notice their skin feels softer, smoother and healthier. The effect is due to the minerals, especially silica and sulfur, which help nourish and hydrate the outermost layer of skin. Other benefits for the epidermis include relief from conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema and dry scalp.

 Better Circulation

The main function of the circulatory system is to carry oxygenated blood and nutrients to muscles, tissues and organs so they work properly. An efficient circulatory system is also key to brain and heart health. Warm water soaking has been shown to improve circulation. It’s why physicians often recommend adding a soaking regimen to promote healing after surgeries.

Relaxation Remedy

Stress, depression and anxiety are serious disorders that should be addressed by a qualified medical professional, but studies have shown that soaking in a mineral spring can reduce the symptoms and help relax both body and mind. Not getting sufficient sleep can aggravate these existing mental health conditions. Try an evening soak to help you drift off to dreamland. A solid night’s rest is sometimes all it takes to alter your mood for the better.

Passive Calorie Burner

While it won’t replace your regular workout, hot springs soaking could be good for your waistline. The warm water naturally increases metabolism which causes the body to burn extra calories at a faster than usual rate!

Proper Mineral Water Dosage

How long should you soak? At Iron Mountain Hot Springs, we recommend that guests “take the waters” in 15-minute increments. Between soaks rehydrate or grab a snack from the Sopris Café. Even though visitors are welcome to enjoy adult beverages, it takes fewer drinks to feel the effects of alcohol while soaking, so imbibe responsibly.

Consult an expert

If you have specific health issues or concerns, it’s always wise to check with your medical provider before soaking in a hot spring.


The water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs is chock-full of health benefits, and it feels great too. Make your plans to visit today!

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