What's New at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

What’s new at Iron Mountain Hot Springs?

You may have noticed construction at Iron Mountain Hot Springs! We’ve broken ground on the expansion of the new hot springs’ pools. This new area will be for adults only. There will be ten new hot spring mineral pools, and since our current reflexology pools are so popular, ALL TEN will have pebbles on the bottoms so you can massage your feet while soaking.

We’ll also be adding a cold plunge on the new property, another feature guests frequently request to pair with their hot springs soaking experience. A large freshwater pool – soon to be known as the Confluence pool – will sit in the middle of the new property as a centerpiece with its stunning waterfall feature.

For guests to fully elevate their experience on the new property, we will also have a brand new café with an all new menu, courtesy of our Food & Beverage Manager, Anita Wan. We can’t wait to open the doors and invite guests in for a more relaxing, elevated upriver experience.

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