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Thank you for tuning into What’s New! If you visited Iron Mountain Hot Springs lately, you may have noticed a few changes while entering the parking lot. We’re excited to announce the next addition of relaxation at Iron Mountain Hot Springs with our all-new, adults-only area.

This fall, we will break ground on the expansion of the new hot springs pools. This new area will be for adults 21 and up only. There will be ten new hot spring mineral pools with pebbles on the bottoms so you can massage your feet while you soak. The reflexology pools are a favorite among our guests, so why not add ten more? There will also be a large freshwater pool with a stunning waterfall feature. The entrance building addition will include more locker rooms with upgraded lockers and a larger gift shop.

Guests who choose to go to the adults-only area will also have access to the existing Iron Mountain Hot Springs pools. We are very excited to provide these amenities for those who want an even more relaxing experience. Iron Mountain Hot Spring will continue with its reservation system, which will be required for both sections of the property.

We are hopeful for a grand opening in the 2022.

Employee Housing Building

What is that large building on the far side of the Iron Mountain Hot Springs parking lot? Many guests believe it is a hotel, but it is actually a new employee housing apartment and office building that’s a joint venture with the Colorado Department of Travel. We value our employees and want to give them an opportunity to live close to where they work.

Will we ever have a hotel at the hot springs? There’s only one way to find out. Stay tuned to What’s New at Iron Mountain Hot Springs!

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