Where is Iron Mountain Hot Springs located?

Our address is 281 Centennial St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. We’re on the bank of the Colorado River, just west of Two Rivers Park.

Do you close because of weather conditions?

Iron Mountain Hot Springs stays open during all kinds of weather. If there is lightning in close proximity, we will make an announcement but guests have the option to stay in the pools. We do not offer refunds on tickets due to weather.

How long can I soak for? 

We’ve extended our time slots to be 3 hours per soak! Please note, the last 3-hour soak time is at 7 p.m. and afterwards the time slots shorten.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Iron Mountain Hot Springs wants to make sure its therapeutic waters are accessible to all. A gently curving ramp with a handrail provides a gradual entrance into the freshwater family pool for those in wheelchairs or anyone who prefers to avoid steps. An aquatic wheelchair is available onsite. Two of the soaking pools have transfer walls and grab bars that allow a person with upper body strength to leave a mobility device and transfer onto the wall and then into the water. All of the buildings are accessible, and there are two changing rooms with showers for families and caregivers.

Can I bring in food and drinks?

Sorry, we do not allow for guests to bring in their own food, drinks or alcoholic beverages.  We have our Sopris Café which serves flat-bread pizzas as well as a variety of snacks and drinks. In addition, we do not allow guests to bring in birthday cakes. We do offer a refillable water station so be sure to bring in your water bottle. Note: We do not accept Apple Pay or Samsung pay, so if you’re looking to snack, don’t forget your wallet, cash, or credit card in your locker.

Can I reschedule my soak reservation?

Our new policy includes one complimentary refund or change to tickets prior to 48-hours before the reservation time. Any changes requested after that are subject to a $5 change fee per ticket, and potentially an increase in price dependent on the time change. Changes requested for reservations within the 48 hours prior to the start time are not guaranteed. We will contact you via email if we are able to honor the change, and the $5 fee per ticket and potential increase in price will still apply, dependent on the new time requested. 

Are dogs allowed on the property?

Sorry we do not allow dogs on our property with the exception of service animals.  Please do not leave your dog in your car especially during the heat of the summer.  We ask that you do not tie up your dog to your car unattended as this may jeopardize the safety of our guests.  A pet shop in Glenwood Springs, High Tails provides a doggie daycare!

Are we allowed to bring in coolers?

Sorry, we do not allow coolers. We have our Sopris Café which serves flat-bread pizzas as well as a variety of snacks and drinks. In addition, we do not allow guests to bring in their own alcohol or food into our property.

Are lockers available?

Yes, lockers are available and included in your reservation.

Should I bring my own towel or robe?

Guests are welcome to bring their own towels and robes along to soak. We do offer one free towel rental per guest. The second towel or any after can be rented for $2.50 a piece. Robes are available for purchase in our gift shop.

When did you open?

We opened on July 15, 2015 and our grand opening event was on August 15, 2015. We are open daily from 9am to 10pm. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

What minerals are present in the hot springs water?

There are more than 14 different minerals found in the analysis of our water. The five most abundant minerals in the soaking pools are iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium. Iron and sulfate are known for their relaxing qualities.

Will the minerals in the water discolor my bathing suit?

Yes, it’s very possible as our natural mineral waters are rich in iron. We recommend you bring an extra swimsuit to Iron Mountain Hot Springs (like maybe last year’s suit) and leave all jewelry at home or in your locker. Then if our iron-rich water stains your suit, you’ll simply take home a memento and lasting memory.

Where does the hot water come from?

There are several springs emerging on the Iron Mountain Hot Springs property; the average temperature of the water from these springs ranges from 105 to 108 degrees. The water from our own well is 120 degrees. The hot springs have been named Gamba, Hobo and CDOT, and are pushing 400 gallons per minute to our pools. The water is heated by geothermal heat from the Earth’s mantle.

Why is everyone required to sign a liability waiver?

Our insurance company requires us to have a signed waiver (Exención Por Actividades) for everyone that uses the property plus it informs you of the safety rules, the natural terrain, and the natural untreated mineral waters. Children under 18 will require a parent’s signature.

What is the family pool like?

The family pool on the western portion of the Iron Mountain Hot Springs property is  the largest of our pools. It is approximately 70′ x 35’ with 100,000 gallons of chlorinated fresh water, heated to a comfortable 95 degrees by the geothermal exchange. A smaller, elevated pool, approximately 18′ x 8’, sits on the edge of the family pool with a perfect soaking temperature above 100. Parents will be able to enjoy the hotter water while supervising their children below.

Are there other pools for soaking?

Yes! We have 16 smaller pools connected with heated walkways. The walkways are heated to melt snow and prevent iciness in the winter months, but you’ll still want to bring along a pair of sandals or slippers in the winter to keep your toes warm. Our pools are filled with natural thermal waters with a complete changeover in water every two hours. The temperatures will vary from pool to pool to provide our guests with a variety of soaking indulgences. Sorry, children under 5 are not allowed in the small mineral pools and children 5 to 13 will need to be accompanied by their parents or other adults.

Are drones allowed?

To respect the privacy of our guests, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a no drone zone. If you are a journalist, blogger or travel writer: Contact our public relations representative to request high-resolution images and additional information.

Can I bring a speaker?

To respect the relaxation of our guests, Iron Mountain Hot Springs does not allow individual speakers to be brought on property by guests. 

What should I bring for a wintertime soak?

We recommend coming dressed and prepared for changing Colorado weather conditions. To ensure your own comfort, pack a pair of sandals to wear when walking between pools, plus a robe and towel! This will provide additional warmth when you are outside of the water whether to get to another pool or ordering food from our Sopris Café.

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