Hot Springs Bathing Etiquette

Thank you for visiting Iron Mountain Hot Springs. To maximize the benefits of soaking in our pools and to ensure your safety and that of our employees, please follow these recommendations. If you have questions about these or other aspects of the property, ask our front desk staff upon arrival or contact us prior to your visit.

      • Please shower before entering the pools.
      • Swim and soak at your own risk when no lifeguard is on duty.
      • Keep yourself and your belongings safe. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is not responsible for injury or loss. Lockers are included with your reservation. Please leave valuables at home.
      • Observe a reasonable time limit for your soak; 15 minutes is recommended.
      • Soaking alone is not recommended.
      • After soaking, your body is tired. A rest time of 30 minutes is recommended.
      • Limit your consumption of alcohol. Please remember, long exposure and/or consumption of alcohol may cause dizziness, nausea or fainting.
      • Outside alcohol & all drugs are strictly prohibited.
      • Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking area near the front entrance.
      • Outside food, picnics, birthday cakes and food deliveries are not allowed.
      • No glass please. Instead, bring a plastic or metal water bottle which can be filled and re-filled for free at our two hydration stations in the bathhouse. Food and other beverages are also available at the Sopris Café.
      • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout your visit.
      • Wear proper swim attire. No street clothes, underwear, pajamas, sweats or anything deemed inappropriate as swimwear by staff is allowed in the pools.
      • Fabric discoloration is possible. If this is a concern for you, we recommend bringing an extra swimsuit or wearing last year’s suit to soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.
      • Remove all jewelry or it will tarnish.
      • No Drone Zone. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a no drone zone to respect the privacy of our guests while soaking.
      • No Outside speakers. Out of respect for other guests, speakers aren’t allowed. 
      • We do not recommend pregnant women soak in the hot pools and suggest you speak with your physician before doing so.
      • No running, diving, excessive noise or boisterous play. Lifeguards have the authority to stop any behavior they deem unsafe or inappropriate. Iron Mountain Hot Springs reserves the right to refuse service or remove uncooperative patrons from our property.
      • Children 5 to 13 require adult supervision in the small mineral pools (Quiet Zone) and children 4 and younger are not allowed. Swim diapers are required for children that are not potty-trained.. They are available for purchase in our Gift Shop.
      • Life jackets or pool toys are allowed in the family pool only. They are not allowed in any of the mineral pools. On days when the family pool is busy the lifeguard reserves the right to not allow certain pool toys in the water for safety concerns.
      • Any person having an infectious or communicable disease or open wound is prohibited from entering the pools. If you have any medical conditions, please consult your medical doctor before soaking.
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