ironwood hot springs during sunsetWe invite you to relax, restore and rejuvenate.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Pools

The perfect Colorado hot springs experience is waiting for you! Differing in size, shape and temperature, try all 16 geothermal pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs to determine your personal favorite. When you’re ready to cool off or want to splash around with the kids, take a refreshing break in our freshwater family pool. It’s a guest favorite and offers a respite from the higher temperature geothermal pools. An attached and elevated jetted spa gives parents a convenient perch from which to keep an eye on children.



Family Pool and Jetted Spa

Designed to keep the whole clan happy, this is the largest of our pools. The lower portion is filled with 100,000 gallons of fresh water that’s heated to a comfortable 94 degrees Fahrenheit by the geothermal exchange. A curving, gently sloped ramp into the family pool makes it accessible by wheelchair and by anyone who prefers to avoid stairs. A smaller, elevated whirlpool spa with jets sits on the edge of the family pool with a perfect soaking temperature of just over 100°F. Parents can enjoy the hotter water while supervising their children below, with the calming sounds of a waterfall in the background as water cascades from the upper to the lower section.

Couple relaxing at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Geothermal Pools

Thinking of something a little cozier? There are sixteen naturally shaped geothermal pools, each heated to a different temperature ranging from 98 to 108. Relax in the one that’s just right for you or move from one to another for a progressive soaking experience. The pools are connected with heated walkways to melt snow and prevent iciness in the winter. Two of the geothermal pools are ADA compliant and have transfer walls and grab bars that allow a person with upper body strength to leave a mobility device and transfer onto the wall and then into the water. The geothermal pools are filled with our natural thermal waters that complete a total changeover every two hours. There are more than 14 different minerals found in the analysis of our water. The five most abundant minerals in the geothermal pools are iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium. Iron and sulfate are known for their relaxing qualities. Magnificent views, which vary from pool to pool, include the Colorado River as it winds through the valley, Iron Mountain, Red Mountain, the Flat Tops and the twin peaks of majestic Mt. Sopris to the south, make your visit to the Glenwood hot springs even more enjoyable.  Sorry, children under 5 are not allowed in the 16 small mineral pools and children 5 to 13 require parent/guardian supervision.

Temperature Conversion

Fahrenheit vs Celsius
92     =     33.3
94     =     34.4
98     =     36.7
99     =     37.2
100    =    37.8
101     =    38.3
102     =    38.9
103     =    39.4
104     =    40.0
105     =    40.6
106     =    41.1
107     =    41.7
108     =    42.2


Our World Experience Pool

Take a trip to hot springs around the world without having to leave Colorado! Our newest Experience Pool uses unique mineral water formulas inspired by some of the most famous hot springs across the globe. The formulas promote different benefits and experiences and will be rotated throughout the year. Additional formulas include the Nourishing Calcium Spring inspired by Kinosaki, Japan and the Elevating Lithium Spring from Hot Springs, Montana.


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