WorldSprings brings the Dead Sea to Life Glenwood Springs

Dead Sea Pool at WorldSprings

WorldSprings brings the Dead Sea to Life Glenwood Springs

Soak in the Dead Sea-inspired pool at WorldSprings in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Now, with new poolside dining ordering, you can spend even more time soaking!

The landlocked Dead Sea is celebrated as the saltiest body of water on our planet, renowned for its hyper-salinity and legendary healing properties, and you can find its inspired pool at WorldSprings.

As it stands, WorldSprings boasts an impressive lineup of pools for the 21 and over crowd. Each one is formulated to mimic famed healing waters from across the globe. The pièce de resistance is the Dead Sea Pool, an enticing addition to this already magnificent array of soaking experiences.

The Dead Sea, at WorldSprings, isn’t technically a hot spring, but it fits with the mission to deliver the most comprehensive and singular soaking experiences to guests all in one place.

WorldSprings has previously featured the Dead Sea mineral formula in a smaller soaking pool, which has consistently delighted guests. In a new twist, the upscale riverside soaking hub, WorldSprings, has elevated the experience even further by transforming the lower Confluence Pool, which holds 20,000 gallons of water, into the largest of WorldSprings inspired pools.

New Poolside Ordering Debuts at WorldSprings

Place your food and beverage order poolsideEnhancing the soaking experience even further, the resort has added a dining option that allows WorldSprings guests to order food and beverages, poolside, from the Sandbar Café. Using their smartphone and a QR code that connects to the café’s menu and the app enables visitors to place their orders for pick up.  When ready, guests will be notified by text and can quickly and easily pick up their orders for poolside enjoyment.

“The new app allows our guests to spend more time in the pools, while at the same time giving them a convenient ordering option for our delicious food and beverage options,” Sales and Marketing Director Heather Austin said. “We are implementing the ordering app at WorldSprings initially and looking forward to integrating it on the Legacy side of the property in the coming months.”

Now, let’s dive into the Dead Sea itself. This salt lake is situated in the Middle East and shares borders with both Israel and Jordan. It’s a place of exceptional salinity, approximately ten times saltier than the Pacific Ocean, a characteristic that renders it almost entirely devoid of life. Hence its evocative name — the Dead Sea. Furthermore, it sits at the lowest dryland point on Earth, a staggering 1,410 feet below sea level!

The Dead Sea’s fame, however, extends beyond its unique physical properties. Situated in the heart of the Holy Land, this region has deep-rooted associations with religious practices. Historical anecdotes and tales abound:

  • During the biblical era, a sect of Judaism known as the Essenes sought refuge in caves and left behind a profound historical record, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were serendipitously discovered by shepherds in the 1940s.
  • The southeastern shores of the Dead Sea are believed to have been the locations of Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities obliterated in the Book of Genesis. It is here that Lot’s wife, who famously looked back, is said to have been transformed into a pillar of salt.
  • Ein Gedi, now a nature reserve in the vicinity, is believed to be the place where a young King David concealed himself from Saul, who was in relentless pursuit.
  • In the annals of history, King Herod I, known for his despotic reign from 37 B.C. to 4 A.D., built one of the world’s first health retreats on the edge of the Dead Sea.

Across the ages, people have been drawn to the Dead Sea, captivated by its rich historical religious and therapeutic significance.

Experience the high salinity of the Dead Sea Pool What about minerals present in the Dead Sea? The waters contain not only prodigious amounts of salt but also substantial concentrations of magnesium and calcium, complemented by trace quantities of other essential minerals. The therapeutic potential of soaking in these waters is extensive. The minerals are touted to soothe skin disorders like psoriasis and acne, as well as offer relief from the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, the water and mud derived from this ancient lake are renowned for their potent anti-aging attributes. No wonder people flock to its shores!

So, what’s it like to luxuriate in the Dead Sea at World Springs? The inspired waters of the Dead Sea offer a soaking experience like no other. Just like at the authentic Dead Sea, you’ll encounter the surreal sensation of buoyancy, where the high salt content keeps your body effortlessly afloat on the water’s surface. Furthermore, the minerals dissolved in the water promise the same therapeutic benefits you’d find abroad.

The best part, however, is that experiencing the Dead Sea doesn’t require a plane ticket or even a passport; all it takes is a visit to WorldSprings, in Glenwood Springs, CO, and a reservation to soak, which you can easily book online today!

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