Chilly Treats to Beat the Heat

Cold drinks by the poolside at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Chilly Treats to Beat the Heat

At Iron Mountain Hot Springs, getting into hot water is a year-round delight, but in the summertime, light eats and cool drinks are seasonal treats that take the edge off the heat.

What do orange dream smoothies, cold beer on draft and Greek salads all have in common? They are refreshing and replenishing choices for snacking, drinking and dining on a hot summer day. If you’re soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs you can get these treats and more at the Sopris Café restaurant and the Sand Bar, a drink and snack hut.

Strange Science

Some science suggests the best choices to beat the heat are actually the polar opposite of a semi-frozen Moscow Mule. It’s counterintuitive, but hot drinks like a steaming cup of coffee or tea cause the body to perspire profusely, especially on sweltering August day at a geothermal hot springs. The idea is that when the breeze blows your way, all that moisture on your skin will cool you down. Scientifically that may be so, but it’s also true that most people will select a cool or cold beverage on a warm day.

Guests have a variety to choose from including hot selections like coffee, tea, cider and cocoa should they want to test the sweat hypothesis. Fortunately, there’s also an array of cold, non-alcoholic and adult beverages as well.

Delicious Fruit Smoothies

Sopris Cafe Greek Salad is a light meal on a hot dayWith flavors like mixed berry, banana cream, orange dream and energy boost, you can slake your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth in one go. Choose healthier milk-based smoothies or have yours made with ice cream ($1 extra) for a scrumptious dessert.

Enjoy a Cold One

All your favorite refreshments are in stock at the Sopris Café and the Sand Bar, from bottled water to energy drinks and soda pop to iced tea. There’s also a broad range of choices available for the 21 and over crowd, including draft beer, canned brews and seasonal options. Wine and pre-mixed cocktails come in single-serving containers, making them easy to enjoy while relaxing in the soaking pools. We just ask guests to please drink responsibly.

 Light Salads & Wraps

In addition refreshing beverages, salads and wraps are a top choice for light summertime fare. Selections include a Chef salad with a protein-rich mix of turkey, ham and cheese, Greek Salad featuring a Mediterranean mix of Feta, tomato, cucumber, onion and Kalamata olives, and a Spinach salad topped with Feta, dried cranberries and pecans. Wraps are equally delicious and light and feature a veggie option or your choice of meat.

Of course, there’s also more on the menu at the Sopris Café, whether you’re looking for eats and drinks to beat the heat, just something to nosh on or a flatbread pizza to fill you up. Find refreshing, satisfying choices to enjoy during your stay at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Learn more and plan to visit today.

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