Colorado Hydrotherapy: River Sports & Hot Springs

The pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Colorado Hydrotherapy: River Sports & Hot Springs

In Glenwood Springs, water is summer’s key element for cooling off, having fun and winding down. Enjoy hydrotherapy with a twist—playing on the area’s riverways and afterward settling in for a long, hot soothing soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Exhilarating, engaging and relaxing, water in its varied forms is central to the Glenwood Springs experience. Two rivers—the Colorado and the Roaring Fork—both run through town and it’s also a Colorado hot spot for geothermal activity. Experience hydrotherapy Glenwood Springs style. Whether you’re chasing thrills on whitewater through Glenwood Canyon, casting for Rainbow trout on the Fork, or playboating on Glenwood’s legendary hydraulic wave, finish the day in the water with an ultra-relaxing mineral hot springs soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Rendezvous on the River

Rafting. Brightly colored yellow, orange and blue rafts dot the river in Glenwood Canyon from the Shoshone boat launch all the way to Two Rivers Park. Get in on the action by booking your own guided raft trip. Like most activities these days, rafting trips feature reduced capacity often limiting groups to one or two social groups per raft, so book your trip as early as possible. Expert guides will not only navigate you through churning rapids, they’ll also fill you in on fun canyon facts and oftentimes make a stop for an in-river hot springs soak.

Fishing. There is something supremely serene about fly-fishing. The repetitive motion of casting is almost like a full-body meditation whether you’re floating downriver in a fishing dory or wading in from the shoreline. Fishing guides are in-the-know professionals when it comes to understanding river intricacies like what the fish are biting on any given day, as well as the ever-shifting locations of the most productive eddies and holes.

Kayaking & Surfing. Yes, you can surf in Glenwood Springs! The Glenwood Springs Whitewater Activity Area is a hub for playboaters and paddle boarders, both for showing off tricks and practicing skills. This unique city park is mostly in the river, though there are seating areas for viewing and picnicking flanking both sides of the aquatic attraction. The main draw is a G-wave hydraulic, which, depending on the flow, can range from 4,000 to 22,000 cubic feet per second.

Regroup for Relaxation

After your active and action-packed day on the rivers in Glenwood Springs, take a time out for the ultimate hydrotherapy with a restorative, rejuvenating dip in the geothermal waters at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Be sure to plan ahead though by making online reservations for your 2-1/2-hour soaking experience.

A fun form of hydrotherapy: the outdoor showers at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsSixteen Hot Springs Pools. From lobster pot hot to bathwater warm, there’s a soaking pool at Iron Mountain Hot Springs that’s just right for you. With different shapes and temperatures, it’s fun to try them all. You’re certain to find the one that’s the perfect fit for your post-sport, end-of-the-day downtime.

Refreshing Outdoor Showers & Cool Pool. If the hot springs heat is too much, cool off under the outdoor showers of the Rejuvenation Station, a semi-circular rock enclosure fitted with several showers. Operated by a pull-chain, the rain showers release a gentle cascade of cool water that is instantly invigorating. For longer immersion in cooler waters, take a dip in the Family Pool which is conveniently lined with submerged benches for comfortable seating.

Sunsets & River Views. Located on a bank of the Colorado River, the sun takes its daily evening dive beneath the horizon to the west. From the soaking pools, visitors can easily view the sherbet-colored hues of a Colorado sunset. When the sky darkens, the lights from town as well as those in the firmament above illuminate the nighttime landscape.

There’s something in the water in Glenwood Springs. Experience it for yourself. Learn more and plan your visit to Iron Mountain Hot Springs today!

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