Our Yoga Instructors

Our Yoga Instructors

Emily Weir and Shianne Wright are making it even easier for guests to relax by offering yoga classes at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. We chatted with them about how they got started with yoga and why they think people ought to try the ‘flow and soak’ combo. 

How did you get started with yoga and what made you want to become a yoga teacher? 

Emily Weir: Yoga not only is good for the body, but also the mind, emotions, and spirit as well. I wanted to become a teacher because I wanted to help others experience the life changing benefits of yoga. 

Shianne Wright: I had this deep connection with how it made me feel okay about life and where I was. I knew very shortly after that that I wanted other people to feel like this too.

What’s your favorite part about being a yoga teacher?

EW: I love the end of class when everyone enters savasana. You can sense a feeling of peace and surrender and it’s always so beautiful. I can sense a shift in my students at the end of the class, and I love being able to provide a safe space for this to happen. 

SW: Being able to facilitate an experience for people. Where you’re all together in it and you’re all focused on the same thing so it’s really connected. Community is a huge thing for me.

What is your favorite pose and why?

EW: Child’s Pose! Always a great grounding pose, and a good place to rest and just breathe. Yoga doesn’t always have to be something fancy- sometimes it is the simple poses that provide the most benefit in the moment.

SW: I feel like down dog (is my favorite). Anytime. You’re stressed? Down dog. You’re sore and tight? Down dog.

What is unique about your IMHS classes and why do you think it’s beneficial to guests to pair yoga with a soak?

EW: My classes are unique as I integrate my mind-body science education and psychology training into my classes. … Meditation and breath are also crucial to the practice, and it is important to include all these aspects into a class…. Pairing these two together will bring your nervous system into a healthier resting state, which lowers stress hormones in the body. 

SW: I like to flow and get really warm, and then cool down by getting centered and grounded to relax. I think that’s a great way to bring some mindfulness into soaking, and get your lymph system and circulation rolling before you get in the hot water to detox.

What’s something you’d want to tell a beginner who was hesitant to give yoga a try?

EW: You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga! I hear this all the time… You could come to class and just show up and breathe and it would still be yoga. Remember, if you do what you always have done, you will get what you always have gotten. Get out there and try something new!

SW: Start where you are. It’s a good opportunity to really start accepting that because when you can start where you are, you can grow.

What can guests expect when taking your yoga class?

EW: A slower paced, breath based practice. I like to get you moving for the first half of class and then slow things down a bit. Expect some breathwork, mindfulness, and/or short meditations. I try to keep class lighthearted and I laugh at myself often. 

SW: I want to have fun, and I want it to feel fun, light and mindful. Just the opportunity to slow down for a minute because we’re always so busy in our lives. So you’re creating that little space for yourself to slow down, connect with yourself, have a little fun and relax.

Book your spot for an Iron Mountain Flow and Soak session by calling us at 970-945-4766. Don’t miss the chance to join Emily & Shianne for Yoga Flow & Soak! We have a variety of classes available in February. And this isn’t just any yoga class, for $42 you get Yoga + a 2.5 hour soak at Iron Mountain Hot Spring.

View our February schedule here.

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