May is for Moms at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Relaxing at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

May is for Moms at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Mother’s Day is May 13. This year, give her a gift card to Iron Mountain Hot Springs and let her choose her own special day to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Moms do it all—from packing school lunches before dawn to working long hours outside the home and criss-crossing the map driving to kids’ events. Talk about giving rest to the weary! Mom deserves a break and nothing beats a day off at Iron Mountain Hot Springs to recoup and regroup.

This Mother’s Day give her an Iron Mountain Hot Springs gift card that she can redeem when it best suits her schedule. Gift cards are available in any amount; so in addition to admission, add on some extra if you like, for her to use in the Sopris Café or the gift shop.

With an Iron Mountain Hot Springs gift card, here’s what her day might look like:

Feeling good at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsShe arrives early specifically to soak in the morning serenity. She spends some time exploring the 16 pools which range in temperature from 98-108°F. The pebble-bottomed, Topaz and Lapis pools are especially soothing. As she walks across the rounded stones she can feel the tension leaving her body. Whether she knows it or not, she’s practicing reflexology, a form of Chinese medicine that entails activating pressure points on the feet for healing purposes.

In the infinity pool that appears to spill into the river, she glimpses a majestic eagle soaring overhead. Clouds drift past as if floating by on an invisible lazy river of their own. On shore, a family of ducks, complete with a string of fuzzy yellow chicks, waddles in the grass. Mom’s shoulders begin to relax as she remembers she has all day to absorb the surrounding natural wonders.

The 100% pure geothermal waters do wonders for her skin, making it feel soft and supple. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is chock-full of 14 minerals all of which have healing benefits. The naturally-occurring minerals are dissolved in the water and small amounts are easily absorbed through the skin producing a sense of general wellbeing.

At lunch she heads to the Sopris Café, Iron Mountain’s on-site restaurant, for a delicious artisan pizza, a healthy wrap or salad and perhaps some Sauvignon Blanc or a Moscow Mule. A little time reading, listening to her favorite musical artists or a long overdue nap in a lounge chair is time well spent.

As the afternoon warms up, she cools off in the freshwater family pool. Mom spends the rest of the afternoon exploring the remainder of the pools and perhaps doing a little shopping in the gift shop.  She might come home with a new swimsuit, a lovely scented lotion or a special souvenir to commemorate the day.

At the end of her “Mother’s Day” at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, mom is feeling very pampered, cared for and loved thanks to you.

To purchase an Iron Mountain Hot Springs gift card for Mother’s Day or any occasion, stop in and take one home with you or give us a call at 970-945-4766. We can mail gift cards, hold them for pick up or place them in will call.

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