Our Water: Pure & Simple

Relaxing underneath Iron Mountain Hot Springs waterfall

Our Water: Pure & Simple

In a complicated world, pure and simple can be hard to find, that’s especially true when it comes to hot springs. Most commercial hot springs add chemicals to their water. At Iron Mountain Hot Springs, we don’t add anything to our soaking pools. Our water is pure. It’s that simple.

There are many hot springs in Colorado, each offering a unique soaking experience. The variety ensures that visitors have plenty of options to choose from. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is geared toward families, others like Dunton Hot Springs are ideal for romantic overnights and some are municipal swimming pools like Ouray Hot Springs. Iron Mountain Hot Springs provides a smaller, more intimate soaking experience in water that is always chemical-free and 100% pure.

Filtering for Water Clarity

Pure chemical-free geothermal water is first stored in fiberglass holding tanks.Ultimately, what separates Iron Mountain Hot Springs from the pack of Colorado geothermal destinations is our water. It is unusual to find a hot springs in Colorado that doesn’t treat its water with chlorine. Iron Mountain Hot Springs’ water is sourced from three naturally-occurring springs—Hobo, Gamba and Redstone. It is pumped and stored in one of two insulated fiberglass holding tanks. After it leaves the holding tank, the water is pumped through a series of sand filters. The sand removes any sediment, including algae, that may be in the water. The result is crystal-clear water clarity in our soaking pools. What the sand filters don’t remove, however, is just as important. Iron Mountain Hot Springs’ geothermal water is loaded with 14 health-boosting dissolved minerals which are so small they pass through the sand filters unimpeded.

Adjusting for Temperature

After the water leaves the sand filters it travels to the pump house where it flows into 16 PVC pipes, corresponding to our 16 soaking pools. Each pipe is named for the soaking pool it delivers water to; for example, the pipe labeled Lapis flows into the Lapis pool, Ruby into our heart-shaped Ruby pool and so on. The pipes are fitted with valves that allow the maintenance team to fine-tune the water temperature from the coolest pool at 99°F to the hottest at 108°F.  The team checks the temps every two hours and makes tweaks accordingly.

No Chemicals Required

One reason that Iron Mountain Hot Springs doesn’t add chemicals to its water is that it’s not required to do so. Thanks to the smaller size of the pools and the fact that the water in each pool is completely refreshed every couple of hours; it exceeds the State of Colorado standards for water quality. To keep the soaking pools in pristine condition for our guests, our maintenance staff drains them including flushing the lines, scrubs and power washes each one at least once per week. Not only that, but throughout the day, crews take samples to ensure consistently high water quality.

Pure & Simple—That’s Our Water

For a soak in a Colorado hot springs where the geothermal water is uniquely chemical-free and 100% pure, plan a visit to Iron Mountain Hot Springs today.

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