Souvenirs: A Little Something to Take Home

Find the perfect holiday gift at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Souvenirs: A Little Something to Take Home

Along with experiencing new places, collecting souvenirs is an integral and fun part of traveling. The gift shop at Iron Mountain Hot Springs has plenty of easy-to-pack mementos to keep or give as gifts.

After you spend the day relaxing in the many soaking pools, enjoying both the views and the facilities, take some time before leaving to peruse the items for sale in the bathhouse gift shop. Iron Mountain Hot Springs has a collection of souvenirs that make perfect keepsakes without taking up too much room in your luggage.

Employee and Owner Favorites

Soaps make great souvenirsAccording to Joan Guilianelli, who has worked at the front desk and gift shop at Iron Mountain Hot Springs’ since it opened in 2015, “Top choices for souvenirs include magnets, tee-shirts, postcards and flip flops.”

Co-owner Mogli Fairbanks likes the pre-packaged travel-sized set of Iron Mountain Hot Springs logoed shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion. “It makes a great gift for yourself or someone else and it doesn’t take up too much room either,” she said.

Personal Care & Scented Gifts

Other top contenders to take home include aromatic shower steamers and soaps in appealing scents like lemongrass and alpine. Candle tins with labels that bear the names of the 16 soaking pools—Ruby, Lapis, Emerald, Amber, Jade, Topaz, Sapphire, Opal, Pearl, Quartz, Garnet, Jasper, Diamond, Turquoise, Moonstone and Mother Lode—are also favorites to buy now and enjoy later.

Practical Items to Use Now & Later

As a hot springs bathing destination, it makes perfect sense that there’s also a selection of affordable bathing suits in a variety of styles including bikinis, tankinis and one-piece options for women; for the guys, an assortment of swimming trunks in plain and patterned styles. “Sometimes guests purchase what they forgot to bring and that becomes their souvenir,” Guilianelli said. This is often the case with the fluffy logoed towels (towels can also be rented for the day for just $3) and the cozy robes on offer. Flip flops are another big seller year-round because rather than go barefoot, guests like to slip them on and off as they move from pool to pool. Other practical items that never go out of souvenir style include t-shirts emblazoned with fun sayings, logoed ball caps and crazy socks.

Whether you pick up a souvenir or not, be sure you take a few minutes to check out all the merch in the Iron Mountain Hot Springs bathhouse gift shop; you never know what little trinket or item might be calling your name.

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