What’s a Painmoon? Why Take One?

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the ideal place to practice mindfulness

What’s a Painmoon? Why Take One?

Women’s wellness is at the forefront of travel trends. Learn more about “painmoons” and how they can empower you to get moving and take care of your “self.”

According to the latest research compiled by the 2018 Global Wellness Trends Report, not everything is as it appears on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. On social media everyone projects that perfect life: another amazing, exotic trip — another dream wedding. And much of wellness travel is geared to all those happy “women’s milestones,” those markers that are supposed to be part of a woman’s life: honeymoons, bachelorette parties, babymoons, etc.,” author Kate Sornson writes.

In fact, like most people, women experience plenty of wrong-ways, detours and disaster zones along the very bumpy road of life. The pressure to showcase a life that’s picture-perfect can be intense. Women seem to be especially vulnerable to the comparison trap. When tough times strike, keeping up those appearances can exponentially increase stress and anxiety. Sadness, anger and tragedy are life’s unwelcome, but inevitable travel companions.

On a positive note, travel trends indicate that more women are embracing the fact that life often isn’t Photoshop perfection; the reality is it includes divorce, break-ups, grief, loss, anger, fear, loneliness and other tough events and emotions that require facing them head on and time to heal.

According to the research, one of the newest trends in travel is the “painmoon,” defined as turning-point wellness travel that helps those negatively affected focus on getting past the hard times. It’s “a more creative roster of emotional healing approaches, whether your issue is heartache post-breakup or pain from thinking you’re not beautiful enough,” Sornson states.

A spa or wellness retreat is an ideal place to go for some dedicated time away. There are many approaches to take on a healing path — work with a physical or spiritual healer, reduce stress through meditation, journal your feelings, partake in a cleansing fast, get outdoors for fresh air and a new perspective.

Taking a painmoon at Iron Mountain Hot Springs has some distinct advantages. You can relax in geothermal hot springs which is soothing to the body. The water contains 14 health-boosting minerals to enhance everything from your mood to your immune system. If you like to journal or read a self-help book, pull up a lounge chair and get busy. Practice mindfulness—see our accompanying video about how to start a practice. While you’re soaking enjoy an adult beverage if you like. We have wine, beer and cocktails to choose from at the Sopris Cafe.

To truly decompress and reduce the risk of being drawn back into whatever drama is occurring in your life, we highly recommend you leave your cell phone in our secure lockers in the bathhouse changing room. Also, Iron Mountain Hot Springs stays open until 10 p.m. every day so you can take all the time you need to recalibrate your next move.

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