Add Iron Mountain Hot Springs to Your Biking Recovery Routine

Post ride biking recovery begins at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Add Iron Mountain Hot Springs to Your Biking Recovery Routine

Whether an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, adding a post-ride soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs will leave cyclists feeling relaxed, recovered and ready for their next ride.

Training for a long-haul bike race requires hard work and dedication. Serious cyclists know that in addition to time spent in the saddle, of equal importance is allowing your mind and body to recover and recharge before heading out again. For post-ride rejuvenation, break away from the pack for a soothing soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Riding in the Rockies

Riding the Rio Grande TrailSummer is cycling season in the Rockies. In fact, endurance bike rides and races are heating up event calendars around the state, with several races per month through September. These intense races attract cyclists who vie for the opportunity to test their mettle in a variety of competitive formats. Century races cover 100 miles or more; others include high-altitude climbs over the state’s alpine passes, and some are benefit rides with proceeds going to help good causes.

Summer is also a great time to hit the road and trails around Glenwood Springs just for fun. Riding the pavement of the Rio Grande Trail which follows the Roaring Fork River for 42 miles to Aspen or the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path which hugs the Colorado River for 16 miles can just as easily leave you feeling as fatigued as any elite athlete. The same is true for mountain biking with its host of challenges that include singletracks, rocky terrain, uphill climbs and steep descents.  

Benefits of Downtime

Training deliberately breaks down muscles and puts your body under stress. During recovery, the muscles repair, grow and adapt so that over time you become stronger, your next workout feels easier, and the odds of you achieving your cycling goals increase. Building recovery time into your routine also helps you avoid injuries and overtraining fatigue.

Relax & Recover at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Whatever your fitness level may be, plan a few hours to recoup in the mineral waters at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

  • Waterfall at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsSoak it in. In addition to the heat, the geothermal water contains 14 health-boosting minerals that aid in physical and mental relaxation.
  • Choose a sports drink that contains electrolytes to replenish those lost during your workout. Alternatively, fill your water bottle with cold water at our hydration stations.
  • Show tired muscles some love. The warm water naturally helps to tease out tension and is conducive to gentle stretching and self-massage.
  • Fuel up on carbs & protein. For a post-workout nosh, go for healthy and nutritious choices from the Sopris Café that energize the body and also help build muscle.
  • Ease your mind. Keeping a competitive edge is often a mind game. Soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs provides a holistic mental break. It’s the perfect place to practice mindfulness or visualization techniques.
  • Good nights. Sleep is essential to optimal performance whether you are a professional athlete or recreational rider. Your body goes to work repairing itself while you sleep. Soaking in the mineral waters has a relaxing quality that all but guarantees a blissful night’s rest.

Whether for achieving peak performance or just having fun, cycling is a wonderful form of exercise. When it comes to taking care of yourself after a ride, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a balm that soothes the body and mind. Learn more and make reservations to soak today!

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