WoldSprings the New Global Soaking Adventure

WoldSprings the New Global Soaking Adventure

Experience the world’s finest geothermal soaking at WorldSprings, Iron Mountain Hot Springs’ long-awaited expansion is now open.

Immerse yourself in a hot springs journey unlike any other with WorldSprings at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, it’s a voyage that transcends borders and transports you to the most renowned thermal spring destinations across the globe. The best part is you won’t need a passport—only a swimsuit—to enjoy the experience!

Let the Geothermal Adventure Begin

WorldSprings at Iron Mountain Hot Springs is now open! The highly anticipated addition to Iron Mountain Hot Springs introduces an array of 10 exquisite experience pools, each meticulously crafted to mirror the mineral content of legendary springs from around the world. From the ethereal Blue Lagoon of Iceland to the luxurious Vichy springs of France, the serene hot springs of Hokkaido, Japan, to the invigorating Kirsehir springs of Turkey, you’ll find yourself enchanted by the distinct mineral essence of every destination. Soak it all in. Within a single 3-hour visit, you can traverse the world!

Relax and Recharge Any Time of Day

There’s also no need to wrangle over preferred in-flight seating. Everyone at WorldSprings enjoys spectacular views and has access to all the resort has to offer. Early morning hours showcase a landscape just waking up while breathtaking sunset views over the Colorado River bid adieu to the day. Terraced pools that slope toward the water’s edge ensure prime river and mountain views are egalitarian. For a refreshing change of pace, indulge in the cool oasis of the two freshwater confluence pools with waterfall features and temperatures that hover around 84˚F. If you start feeling sleepy, give your energy levels a quick boost with a dip in the resort’s cold plunge pool.

Unwind in an Adults-Only Soaking Haven

WorldSpringsSip and soak at UpRiver has been thoughtfully designed for the over-21 crowd. You’ll find no splashing on this side of the resort, rather the setting invites adults to dive into a serene spa-like ambiance. In addition to premium soaking experiences, guests to WorldSprings may also relax with in-pool adult beverages. The drink selection is nothing short of enticing with selections that include an array of beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails and nonalcoholic options. Feeling a little nippish? Indulge your taste buds at the Sandbar Café which boasts a menu of delectable options like shrimp tostadas, quinoa-based salads, muffuletta sandwiches, baked goods and refreshing fruit smoothies.

Feel Free to Move About the Property

Guests to WorldSprings not only have access to all the new pools and amenities, but they are also free to enjoy the entire property at their leisure and sample all 32 pools during their 3-hour soaking window. It’s also possible for those who enter on the general admission side to upgrade to WorldSprings. The cost to upgrade is just $10 and all entrants must be at least 21.

Take on the World One Pool at a Time

WorldSprings is more than a hot springs experience; it’s a transformative adventure inspired by the world’s most renowned thermal springs. Learn more and make your reservations to visit today!

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