Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself in December

Treat yourself to a soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself in December

Preparing for the holidays is hard work. To recharge your batteries, schedule a personal timeout. Whether it’s a full-blown weekend getaway or a few minutes alone, a little self-time to treat yourself is a lifesaver during the busiest time of the year.   

Taking time for yourself is difficult when your focus is on meeting the needs of everyone else. It is a noble endeavor for sure,  but one that can leave you feeling less than festive. That’s especially true for parents who are busy creating the perfect holiday experience for family members. In addition to running around purchasing gifts, we’re busy baking, visiting, hosting and attending events—fun stuff, but with so much going on it’s easy to feel like we’re being spread a little thin. That’s why it’s important to periodically recharge your batteries. Quiet time, self-care or a change of scenery can effectively recalibrate your holiday equilibrium.

How to Create a Holiday Timeout

Treat yourself to some relaxing down-timeQuiet time. For a quick pick-me-up, just go someplace quiet. Grab a cup of coffee at your favorite java joint, then skip out for some well-earned solitude. Places to try could include the local library or a book shop. Find a good read and a cozy space to tune out the world. Churches are often a beautiful spot to drink in peace and quiet this time of year. Stained glass windows play with the light and add a sense of supernatural mystery. Nature is one of our favorite escapes. You don’t have to go far, a nearby park will do. Practice active relaxation with a leisurely walk or watch the world go by from a park bench.

Massage. Make the most of a mere hour with a full-body massage or body treatment at a local spa. Therapists are skilled at teasing out tension and untangling knots caused by stress. Top treatments to de-stress include Swedish massage, a gentle form of touch therapy and a good choice for those new to massage; warm stone massage uses heated rocks to target specific areas and promote a general sense of warmth and wellness; deep tissue massage is ideal for those with chronic pain, sports related soreness and anyone who prefers more pressure.

Pampering. Along the same lines, there’s nothing like a little glam to boost the mood during the holidays. Treat yourself by scheduling an appointment for hair, nails or even a facial in December. By this point in the season, many salons have already catered to regular clients and have last-minute openings available. A quick trim, gloss of polish or slather of skin-nourishing emollients can do wonders for lifting the spirits. Guys, the same goes for you. Stop by a barber shop to clean up stray hairs, for beard grooming or a close shave.

Soaking. Getting into hot water is a good thing, especially when you spend a couple hours soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs. Our 16 soaking pools range in temperature from 99˚ to 108˚F and they are chock-full of health-boosting dissolved minerals—14 to be exact. In addition to the variety of pools, for anyone tired of the “same four walls,” the outdoor setting is a breath of fresh air. Located along a bank of the Colorado River with mountains all around, the beauty of nature promotes a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.  

Getaway. If time allows, a December getaway is the ultimate revitalizer. Glenwood Springs is a perfect destination for a quick Colorado getaway. Centrally located, it is easy to get to from all points around the state. Winter is a prime time to visit as well with many options for relaxation including skiing at Sunlight Mountain Resort, partaking in Winter on the Mountain activities at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, and of course, soaking in the thermal waters at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Treat yourself right during the holidays by making time to take care of the one who takes care of everyone else—YOU! Read more articles and make plans to visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs today!

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Karin Gamba

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