Employee Secrets: The Best Soaking Pools, Spilled!

Waterfall pools are a favorite of Iron Mountain Hot Springs employees

Employee Secrets: The Best Soaking Pools, Spilled!

Working at a geothermal paradise certainly has its perks. Five employees take a deep dive into their favorite spots to relax at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

At Iron Mountain Hot Springs, guests have an opportunity to soak in pure, mineral-rich geothermal pools, each one with a distinct size, shape and temperature. But what do employees who have the chance to experience the pools regularly have to say about their favorite places on the property? Let’s dive in and find out!

Erik, a Manager on Duty or MOD, has been at Iron Mountain Hot Springs for over two years. His favorites are the Experience Pool, Moonstone and Mother Lode. What makes these pools special? “The Experience Pool has reflexology stones which set it apart from most of the other pools, and it’s good for my health,” he said referring to how the small stones gently massage pressure points on the soles of the feet. Erik also likes Moonstone, which boasts a waterfall and Mother Lode, the hottest pool, ideal for anyone who likes a steamy soak.

A trainer at the Sopris Café, Emily has been working at Iron Mountain for one year. Her top picks are Opal, Moonstone and Lapis. She loves these pools because they are the coolest, providing a refreshing soak, especially on warmer days. Emily also shares a soaking tip, “My favorite time to soak is on a Monday around 5 p.m. It’s one of the most peaceful times of the week to be at the hot springs,” she said.

Shannon is another MOD with five years of experience at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Her top three pools are Lapis because of the pebble bottom, Sapphire due to its large size and Diamond for its stunning waterfall. Like Emily, she has a preferred time to take a dip. Shannon notes that mornings are often overlooked by guests and are usually an uncrowded and serene time to soak.

Beque, a Front Gate Cashier, has been employed at the hot springs for seven months. Their top picks are the Experience Pool, Lapis and Turquoise. They enjoy the variety of the Experience Pool and how it changes over the day, the rocks at the bottom of Lapis feel good on the feet, and Turquoise for different temperature experiences within the same pool space. Beque also mentions that the waterfall in Moonstone is not to be missed. “It’s the best because you can let the water hit your back and it is to die for,” they said.

Nate, who works in the Maintenance Department, has been at Iron Mountain for almost a year and a half. His hands-down winners are Diamond, Moonstone and Garnet. A waterfall lover, Nate likes the cascading water in both Diamond and Moonstone. As for Garnet, in addition to the geothermal goodness, it’s the stunning views that keep him coming back to his pool. Nate also shares that guests should not miss soaking in the hot springs when it’s snowing. “It adds a magical touch to the experience,” he said.

As employees, Erik, Emily, Shannon, Beque and Nate have unique insights into what makes Iron Mountain Hot Springs special. Each of them is also looking forward to the opening of WorldSprings, an expansion of pools and amenities slated to open later this season. Some of the highlights they are especially excited for an improved overall layout, the introduction of long pools and a cold plunge as well as pools that mimic the mineral content of famous hot springs around the world.

With a little insider knowledge, your soaking experience can be even better. Take it from those in the know—Iron Mountain Hot Springs employees—to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate like you own the place. Learn more and book your three-hour soaking time today!

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