Turn Up the Heat as the Weather Cools Down

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Turn Up the Heat as the Weather Cools Down

There’s no need to retreat indoors when the outdoor temps start to drop. The geothermal waters at Iron Mountain Hot Springs keep things hot no matter the season!

Get into hot water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs. Summer is fading and fall is on the way, bringing with it cooler day and nighttime temperatures. Don’t let the brisk breezes chase you away from a relaxing thermal soak. Some of our favorite soaking conditions are when the mercury starts to dive.

In the Hot Seat

Heat up the conversation by soaking with friendsSweater weather is the perfect time to hit the deck and the pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. In lieu of a fleece or flannel, grab your favorite swimsuit and enjoy the great outdoors hot springs style. Fall is ideal for alternating between soaking and sunbathing. The Colorado sunshine is still warm enough to give you a healthy glow but when it scoots behind a cloud or takes its evening plunge beyond the horizon, you can easily warm up with a dip in one of 16 hot springs pools which range between temperate 98˚F and a toasty 108˚F.

Hot Spot Hangout

You’re always in great company when you soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Whether you’re relaxing solo, with friends or chatting with a fellow pool-goer, the soaking pools are a hot spot conducive to conversation. The geothermal waters attract visitors from around the neighborhood and the globe; you never know who you may meet or where a casual convo may flow!

Cold When It Counts

Nothing compliments our hot water more than a dash of cold. Take a break from the heat in any number of ways at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Stay cool and refreshed by refilling your water bottle at our hydration stations that dispense chilled water all day long. Another thirst-slaking option is to order a cold beverage from the Sopris Café. Pool-friendly choices run the gamut from fruit smoothies and fountain drinks to adult libations like craft beer on tap, house-made or canned cocktails, wine and frozen specialties.

While drinks are delicious and refreshing, sometimes you need to go all in. For a fast, full-body cool-down, head over to the Rejuvenation Station and step under our gentle rain showers. After soaking in a 108˚F soaking pool the sudden rush of cold water is a healthy way to awaken and invigorate the senses from head to toe. For an immersion experience that’s less bracing, the freshwater family pool is an option that’s comfortably cooler.

Fall breezes may be blowing in, but at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, we know how to keep it hot all year long. Join us this autumn for a relaxing soak; make your reservations today!

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