In the Flow: Fishing & Hot Springs Soaking

Fishing and soaking are complementary activities in Glenwood Springs

In the Flow: Fishing & Hot Springs Soaking

Let your vacation unfold with activities that get you in the flow of relaxation; two such pastimes in Glenwood Springs are fly fishing and hot springs soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Both fly fishing and hot springs soaking are associated with relaxation. “Gone fishin’” is just another way of saying, you’re temporarily checking out from the daily grind to spend time in nature. Success catching fish isn’t necessarily required. “Taking the waters,” by soaking Go fishing then relax with a soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springshot springs is likewise a time-honored remedy for easing tension and focusing on whole-body wellness. In Glenwood Springs, visitors can fluidly combine both activities for the ultimate R&R vacation.

River of Plenty

Southwestern landscape photographer Laura Gilpin once said, “A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the earth itself.” How right she was. The rivers in Glenwood Springs ebb and flow, changing dramatically or subtly over the seasons. Whether floating in a dory or soaking in a riverside hot springs pool, they invite visitors to enjoy the moment as well as the journey.

Glenwood Springs has the unique fortune of proximity to not one but two rivers. The Roaring Fork River flows from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and the Colorado River through narrows of Glenwood Canyon and past Iron Mountain Hot Springs. In addition to ample opportunities for fly fishing on both waterways, the Colorado River is also perforated with an abundance of naturally occurring geothermal springs. The water that flows into the soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs comes directly from three springs located in the Colorado River.

Catch of the Day

When it comes to top spots for fly fishing, Glenwood Springs is a fisherman’s paradise. The region around the hot springs town is home to miles of designated Gold Medal waters; places where your chances of catching a trophy-sized trout are greatly improved.

For shore fishing around town, cast a line on the Roaring Fork River at Veltus Park or at near the Sunlight Bridge. On the Colorado, the place at Two Rivers Park where the rivers join is reliably productive, as are fishing holes all along the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path, a paved trail that follows the river through Glenwood Canyon.

Enjoy a riverside soak at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsAnother alternative is to spend a half or full-day floating the rivers with a local fishing guide. Outfitters are familiar with river conditions, know what the fish are biting and can offer helpful tips to improve your success.

Hooked on Hot Springs

Catch and release takes on a whole new meaning in Glenwood Springs. Catch a few hours plumbing the depths for rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout; then release tension from the day’s repetitive motions with a soothing soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs!

After hours on the waterways, fishermen will appreciate viewing the Colorado River from a relaxing new vantage point. The soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs are situated on a terraced slope that overlooks the river, and range in temperature from 98˚ to 108˚F. The warm temperatures and mineral-rich water make it especially easy to drift off dreaming of the one that got away.

Fishing and soaking are complementary activities that flow together as naturally as the Roaring Forking and Colorado Rivers do in Glenwood Springs. Find out more about how to make the most of your Iron Mountain Hot Springs vacation. Learn more and make reservations today!

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