Mineral Infused Soaps to Take Home

bath soaps from the amenities at ironwood hot springs

Mineral Infused Soaps to Take Home

Our mineral soaps are top sellers at the Iron Mountain Hot Springs gift shop. What makes these bath bars so special is the not-so-secret ingredient: our distinctive hot spring water, which contains 14 skin-soothing minerals.

Visitors come to soak in the mineral pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs for various reasons. Relaxing after sports, experiencing something unique to Glenwood Springs, and socializing with others in a stunning outdoor setting are just a few. But no matter what attracts visitors to Iron Mountain Hot Springs, everyone who soaks in the geothermal waters is treated to a multitude of health benefits.

Minerals for Skin Health

The water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs contains 14 health boosting mineralsThe many mineral perks don’t have to stop after soaking, however. Visitors can take home the healing minerals in bath soaps available for sale in the Iron Mountain Hot Springs gift shop. Small, easy to pack, and useful, the soaps are among the shop’s best-selling items, but how do the minerals get into the soaps?

How Our Mineral Soaps Are Made

Lynnsey Flowerday, Retail Manager, explained Iron Mountain Hot Spring has been working with a specialty company to make the soaps for at least five years. “We fill five-gallon jugs with our hot springs water and ship it off to the company in Kansas where they make the soaps in small batches. Their quick turn-around process ensures that our guests get the full effects of the minerals in each bar of soap,” she said.

All 11 soaps available feature a different scent and use only natural ingredients, including essential oils for fragrance. The most popular are Citrus Mint, Lavender, and Lemongrass Rosemary. During the holiday seasons, scents such as Orange Clove and Peppermint join the repertoire. Lynnsey is working with the company to create a new, natural charcoal soap bar with a tea tree scent that she says will be “great for detoxing the skin.” Mineral soaps sell for $8 but occasionally go on sale for 4 for $25, so keep an eye out.

Learn more about how Iron Mountain Hot Springs supports the health and well-being of guests both in and out of the soaking pools. Make plans to visit today!

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