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Take your minerals to go with at home soaking products

Home Mineral Therapy Products

Continue to enjoy the benefits of soaking even after you’ve stepped out of our therapeutic waters with Iron Mountain Hot Springs at-home minerals for bathtubs and hot tubs!

It’s common knowledge that soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a relaxing experience—one that helps people to de-stress and rejuvenate both mentally and physically. What’s less well known is that even when you can’t make it to Iron Mountain Hot Springs for an in-person soak, you can enjoy the experience at home and the same mix of minerals using the resort’s innovative bath products available in the gift shop.  

Minerals to the Rescue

Minerals in the water help alleviate stress.Everyday life can be stressful, and it’s well documented that hanging onto excessive anxiety can be responsible for all kinds of maladies ranging from skin breakouts to muscle aches. Soaking in mineral-rich waters like those at Iron Mountain Hot Springs for health is a long-established tradition in cultures around the globe. The dissolved minerals come direct from Mother Nature and tend to have a therapeutic effect that promotes mental and physical well-being. Add to that the warmth of the water which helps to relax muscles, ease tension, and alleviate various aches and pains and you’ve got a recipe for stress relief that feels oh-so-good!

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is ideally experienced first-hand. The three-hour time slots are the perfect amount of time to relax both in and out of the pools. In addition to mineral-rich waters, the environment at Iron Mountain Hot Springs adds to the overall serenity. Acting as a sensory palate cleanse from the everyday visual and auditory noise, the river and the mountain scenery contribute a calming, natural presence. As beautiful and relaxing as Iron Mountain Hot Springs is, it’s not always feasible to just pop over for a soak, especially if you live in another town or city, but you can bring the springs home with you. With our mineral soaks you can re-create the Iron Mountain soaking experience in your home or hotel room.

How to Soak at Home

Buy minerals to go from the Iron Mountain Hot Springs gift shopIron Mountain Hot Springs Mineral Bath Therapy packets contain minerals sourced from our geothermal water. In fact, we ship hundreds of gallons of our unique water to a partner business to dehydrate and extract the minerals. Mineral Bath Therapies come in two formulations.

The Skin Formula contains beneficial minerals such as calcium, sodium and sulfate which work synergistically to restore skin. Calcium helps soothe inflammation, for instance, while sulfur possesses antibacterial qualities making it ideal for conditions such as body acne and eczema.

The Joint Formula version also offers a potent combination of minerals that contribute to pain relief. When immersed in mineral-rich water, the body absorbs the minerals in minute amounts which helps improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and promote joint mobility. Regular mineral baths can boost joint health and relieve discomfort and stiffness.

There are three ways to enjoy Iron Mountain Hot Springs at home. Enjoy a single-use soak or a double-use with enough minerals to soak twice. Both of these are made for bathtub enjoyment. The third option is to go all in by adding the minerals to your home hot tub which will last for up to three months!

At home or in person, mineral hot springs are healthy and good for you! Experience them for yourself by making a reservation to soak at Iron Mountain Hot Springs or visiting our gift shop!

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