Best Place to Watch Sunset in Glenwood Springs, CO

Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Bathhouse at Sunset

Best Place to Watch Sunset in Glenwood Springs, CO

Soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs at sunset is a bucket list item for visitors to Glenwood Springs. The riverside soaking pools not only feel good after a day on the slopes or trails, but they also become a marvelous perch for admiring Mother Nature’s light show every evening at sunset.

Year-round and at all times of the day, gorgeous views are a given at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. However, the sunsets are truly spectacular. As the sun descends in the west, rays of light reflect off the Colorado River which travels through Glenwood Canyon and past Iron Mountain Hot Springs. At dusk, the water looks like molten silver slicing through the valley floor and the mountaintops glow golden in the final minutes of sunshine.

Catch the whole dramatic scene as it unfolds from one of the 16 soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. The pools are terraced on a slope so each one offers magnificent views of the earthly and heavenly landscape. Many visitors have definite pool preferences, especially at this fleeting time of day.

Riverside Pools

Iron Mountain Hot Springs at sunsetLapis, Topaz and Garnet are the pools closest to the Colorado River and top choices for viewing sunsets. The bottoms of both Lapis and Topaz feature small, rounded pebbles which gently massage feet, touching upon numerous acupressure points. Additionally, an infinity edge on Topaz appears from certain angles to meld with the river. Aside from the family pool and elevated jetted spa, the furthest west soaking pool along the river is Garnet which offers both a clear shot of the setting sun and the river.

Sunset Soaking Gems

Separated by a concrete pathway Emerald, Pearl and Quartz pools are located in the next tier up from the riverside soaking pools. These small, uniquely shaped pools are equally suited for watching the nightly color show in the sky.

Best Seat in the House

Often the best seat for taking in Nature’s beauty is the one in which you’re already planted. At Iron Mountain Hot Springs when the time comes for the celestial magic to happen, you can just kick back, enjoy the early evening views all while being immersed in the soothing mineral waters.

Not Quite Lights Out

Sunset isn’t the only visually climactic moment. After dusk, it’s not long before the stars make their appearance.  and Iron Mountain Hot Springs is open daily until 10 p.m. Relax with a light meal and drinks at the Sopris Café or enjoy your beverage in the soaking pools while you ponder the positions of the constellations.

Reserve Your Spot on the River

Even though it happens every day, sunset soaking times are among the most popular at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, especially after recreational activities like skiing, fishing and hiking. If watching the sunset over the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs is on your bucket list, be sure to book your soaking window early. It’s easy to make reservations online.


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