Journey to Romania at WorldSprings in Glenwood Springs

Romania Pool at WorldSprings

Journey to Romania at WorldSprings in Glenwood Springs

Baile Tusnad is a fabled hot spring in Romania and a global destination for wellness aficionados. Fortunately, WorldSprings at Iron Mountain Hot Springs brings the experience stateside.

A Warm Water Cure

Located in the rugged landscape of central Romania lies Baile Tusnad, a hidden geothermal hot spot celebrated for its mineral-rich springs, the allure of Tusnad as a “balneo” or water therapy resort dates back to a miraculous cure of a boy in the mid-1800s. The healing brought global attention to the therapeutic effects of Tusnad’s thermal waters. Today, the tiny town boasts a remarkable 48 sites where visitors can luxuriate in the healing waters.

The Romania Pool Experience

Experience the waters of Tusnad, Romania at WorldSpringsThe Romania Pool at WorldSprings is one of 11 new experience pools that replicate the mineral content of renowned waters worldwide, including those of Tusnad. With its high iron content, the Romania Pool has become a visitor favorite, providing relief for joint pain and other ailments—a nice feature, particularly after a day of skiing or cycling in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Touted to alleviate a spectrum of ailments, from digestive issues to circulatory disorders, the therapeutic benefits of Baile Tusnad’s mineral waters are widely celebrated. At WorldSprings visitors can experience the same soothing effects. While the scientific evidence of medical cures may be subjective, the unanimous agreement among bathers is that the Romanian soaking experience is pure bliss—a warm, mineral-infused tonic for the body and soul.

Baile Tusnad’s Geologic Splendor

Situated in Romania, a crossroads between central and eastern Europe, Baile Tusnad shares borders with Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova and the Black Sea. The region owes its unique geological features to the Ciomadul Volcano, which, through ancient volcanic activity, created the conditions for the emergence of hot springs. These waters, enriched with dissolved minerals, especially iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, have made Tusnad a coveted destination for those seeking natural remedies as well as total body relaxation.

A Healing Oasis in the Mountains

The renowned healing properties of Tusnad’s springs trace back for hundreds of years, with locals immersing themselves in the therapeutic waters for generations. Its legendary status was launched in 1842 when the son of a shepherd experienced a miraculous recovery from severe skin rashes after soaking in the hot springs. This healing, coupled with anecdotal evidence of the curative properties, of the catapulted Baile Tusnad to global fame, attracting visitors seeking relief from an assortment of ailments.

Beyond Borders at WorldSprings

While a ticket to Bucharest may cost nearly $1,000, the opportunity to experience the healing waters of Tusnad is more accessible than ever at WorldSprings. For less than $70, visitors can immerse themselves not only in the Romania Pool but also in pools inspired by the mineral content of waters from France, Turkey, South Korea, Iceland, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Israel, Australia and Mexico. This domestic geothermal sanctuary offers a global-scale journey of rejuvenation without the hassle of overseas travel.

To experience Baile Tusnad at WorldSprings, make your reservations to soak today!

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