How to Destress at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Destress at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

How to Destress at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Stress can’t always be avoided, but it can be managed. At Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, we specialize in helping you take the stress out of every day.

Everyone experiences stress. It is a natural reaction to life experiences and no one is immune. Stress is normal. In the short term, it can be beneficial, helping you address immediate situations. Over time, however, stress builds up and has a detrimental effect on the body. Chronic stress can cause insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression and headaches. It can increase your heart rate, weaken your immune system, elevate your blood pressure and upset your stomach.

Make a Plan to Destress in the New Year

Relax and destress at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsJust like you have a plan to manage other things in your life that are important — your schedule, your money, your family activities — having a plan to manage stress is the first step to keeping anxiety in check. The beginning of a new year is a great time to make plans to visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs. In fact, Tuesday, Jan. 31 is National Plan Your Vacation Day, a day designated by the U.S. Travel Association to encourage people to plan their paid time off throughout the year. It’s the perfect day to make your reservations to soak.  The simple act of planning a getaway can be a stress reliever on its own. It affirms that self-care is an important priority and gives you something good to look forward to in the near future.

How Soaking Alleviates Stress

Soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs has many beneficial effects, including reducing stress both mentally and physically.

Boosts Mood

Man relaxing under waterfall at Iron Mountain Hot Springs in winterWe instinctively know that spending time in nature helps reduce anxiety and boost feelings of happiness. Well, the data is in. Studies show being outdoors, even for a short time provides relief and recovery from stress and mental fatigue. The soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, are located along a bank of the Colorado River. Even before you dip a toe in the geothermal water, the surroundings will help stress begin to melt away. The river is a relaxing focal point; mountain views, both near and far, also provide an eyeful of natural beauty that aids in relaxation.

Improves Health

Researchers at Harvard University have also discovered that soaking, especially if you can do so regularly, seems to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The elevated water temperatures of the hot springs cause blood vessels to dilate which lowers blood pressure. Iron Mountain’s pools range in temperature from a comfortable 98˚F to a toasty 108˚F. For those who want to soak more frequently for maximum health benefits, Iron Mountain Hot Springs also offers an annual pass option.

Burns Calories

Are you stressed out that you didn’t get enough exercise over the holidays? Relax! This study found that soaking for an hour in warm water like the geothermal springs at Iron Mountain burns around 140 calories! That’s about as many calories as a 30-minute walk. Why? Because the warm water makes your heart beat faster, giving you a moderate and healthy workout. While we don’t recommend you stay immersed for a full hour at one time, you can easily burn close to three hundred calories during your 3-hour soaking window.

While you can’t leave stress behind entirely, you can keep it in check by soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Learn more and make reservations today!

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