5 Instagram-worthy Photos to Take at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Take great photos for your Instagram feed at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

5 Instagram-worthy Photos to Take at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Engage your Instagram followers with Colorado vacation content that captures the essence of Iron Mountain Hot Springs. With the right photos—check out our list of top shots—you can expand your reach and entice followers to double-tap your image gallery.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is picture-perfect. Terraced on the bank of the Colorado River are 16 hot springs soaking pools of various sizes and shapes. Add a background of blue skies, some steam to create drama and fun accessories like colorful swimwear or a cocktail in hand, and you have the makings of images that will lighten up your Instagram feed.

Taking Photos “On Location”

Dazzle your followers with posts that show off an amazing vacation experience at Iron Mountain Hot Springs and your skills with your smartphone’s camera settings. These five locations are always wonderfully photogenic.

  1. Check out our Instagram photo opsIron Mountain Hot Springs sign. Arrive before your reservation time to ensure you get great photos of the property’s iconic sign. The silver-colored metal letters attached to the wooden siding of the bathhouse set the scene for your Iron Mountain Hot Springs story.
  2. Garnet pool. An infinity edge blurs the lines of where the hot springs soaking pool ends and the Colorado River begins. This view is gorgeous any time of day, but especially at sunset. Frame bathers looking off into the distance while the setting sun lights up the sky with brilliant bursts of orange and pink.
  3. Moonstone pool. One of the most secluded pools on the property, Moonstone features a pretty waterfall. For a great shot, strike a pose as the water from above cascades down on the head of the person below. For those with arm tattoos, this vantage is also great for showing those off.
  4. Topaz pool. It is one of two pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs with rounded pebbles on the bottom. For a type of self-reflexology, the smooth rocks are intended to activate pressure points on the soles of the feet. Try taking a photo through the water at feet partially buried beneath the stones. Colorful polish on the toes adds a finishing touch.
  5. Jetted spa. Attached to our family pool, the elevated spa is the perfect place to warm up with feel-good, jetted bubbles. A waterfall tumbles over the spa into the main pool, providing another opportunity to capture the silky visual effects of liquid in motion. For an eye-pleasing image, frame the spa pool in the foreground with Red Mountain as the backdrop.

Honorable Mentions

  • Cheers! Grab your favorite cocktail from the Sopris Café and raise a toast to your followers while you soak in the mineral goodness of Mountain Hot Springs!
  • Steam heat. The vapors from the mineral spring pools create clouds that add drama and a sense of place to your images. Keep your followers smiling with steamy hashtags and captions.

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