Heat Up Your Routine: Your Next Best Date Spot

Couple enjoying a date at Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Heat Up Your Routine: Your Next Best Date Spot

Whether you’ve been together for decades or just a few days, plan your next date at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Soaking in the relaxing mineral waters gives couples a chance to connect, relax and unwind. Check out our tips to enhance your time together.

Take your date to Iron Mountain Hot Springs.Dress to Impress. Even though you’re going to a pool, several of them in the case of Iron Mountain Hot Springs, remember it’s still a date. Why not wear your best pool-going attire? Guys grab some fun swim trunks and gals, your cutest bikini—just be sure it’s modest enough for our family-friendly facility. Need something new? No problem. The gift shop at Iron Mountain Hot Springs has you covered with the latest swim styles, towels, robes and more.

Try Something New. Introduce a little novelty into your relationship. Our latest “experience” pool uses mineral water recipes to mimic famous hot springs from around the globe including those in Japan and Iceland! As we expand, look for more exciting experiences in the coming months. Our 16 classic soaking pools are also fun to explore. They differ in size, shape and temperature. Make a point to try them all. Visitor favorites include the heart-shaped Ruby pool, Topaz with its pebble bottom and Moonstone which features a rock-hewn waterfall. In addition to the soaking pools, couples can migrate to the freshwater pool to cool off or opt for a dose of bubbles in the attached and elevated whirlpool.

Grab a Drink. Raise a pool-friendly glass to the two of you! Sipping a delicious adult beverage while you soak is one of the perks of a date at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Enjoy craft beer, wine or cocktails from the Sopris Café. The drink menu is extensive, but don’t go overboard. Soaking in hot springs can amplify the effects of alcohol. We recommend a limit of 2 drinks per person.

View of Iron Mountain Hot Springs at sunsetNibble on Something. In addition to cold beverages of all kinds, the Sopris Café is the place to go for delicious light bites, snacks and meals. Satisfy your appetite with an abundance of mouth-watering food options including artisan flatbreads, charcuterie platters, smoked trout and more. No eating in the pools though! Instead, pull up a chair at the café or a poolside chaise lounge poolside to enjoy your nosh.

Appreciate the View. The best dates end with the realization that the two of you share a common vision. It’s a goal that’s easy to achieve at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, especially when you’re both looking in the same direction right from the start. Captivating views are all around. As evening approaches, embrace a colorful sunset together or, after dark, fix your gaze on the stars and your future together.

Make it a date at Iron Mountain Hot Springs! Reserve your time slot for two today.

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