Relax, The Kids Are Back in School

Back to school is the perfect season for a getaway to Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Relax, The Kids Are Back in School

As summer begins to fade into fall and a new academic year begins, the rhythm of life shifts gears for everyone. For wanderlust enthusiasts, back-to-school season is ideal for traveling and experiencing the tranquility that comes from a geothermal getaway to Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the newly opened WorldSprings in Glenwood Springs.

Seasonal Serenity

Relax this fall at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsOne of the most significant advantages of traveling once the kids are back in school is the relative tranquility that descends over Iron Mountain Hot Springs in autumn. The Glenwood Springs hot spot, bustling with vacationing families just a few short weeks ago, tends to quiet down a bit after school starts. Come fall, travelers can fully immerse themselves in the geothermal water and surrounding beauty without the chaos that can sometimes accompany peak summer travel season. At Iron Mountain Hot Springs, families are always welcome but it’s a fact that as youngsters head back to school, more of them are hitting the books these days than the pool.

Mild Mountain Weather

Autumn days at Iron Mountain Hot SpringsThe waning days of summer are also a delightful time for a road trip to Glenwood Springs. The weather in the Colorado mountains tends to be sunny with sparse afternoon thunderstorms. Typical temperatures range from highs in the 80s to overnight lows in the 40s. Brisk mornings and evenings make for a soothing soak in the therapeutic spring water. And, as the day heats up sun worshipers can continue to work on their tans while resting on a poolside chaise lounge. For those who want to cool off, step into the resort’s lower-temperature family pool or the confluence pools and cold plunge at WorldSprings.

Cultural Immersion Experience

The Confluence Pool at WorldSpringsTraveling during the post-summer months also opens a world of possibilities, including the option to dip your toes in new cultural soaking adventures at WorldSprings. The upscale, adults-only area features 10 experience pools that mimic the mineral content of famous hot springs around the world. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to “take the waters” in Iceland; France, Japan, England, Romania, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, South Korea or Turkey, the experience pools at WorldSprings are your one-stop opportunity to find out.

Quality Couple Time

Finally, for couples, post-summer travel presents a chance to reconnect, recharge and rejuvenate your body, mind and relationship! As the summer winds down, a golden opportunity emerges for couples to refocus on each other. Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers twosomes a spa-like setting to decompress and relax together. Whatever stress life has been dishing out lately, let the geothermal waters melt it away. It doesn’t hurt that soaking pools are surrounded by a backdrop of stunning riverside scenery and snow-kissed mountains that add a romantic ambiance to the setting.

As children return to school and the commotion subsides, fall is a perfect time to slip away to Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Schedule your autumn getaway to Iron Mountain Hot Springs today!

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